Being “green” is more than just green cleaning your facility. It is a comprehensive approach to how your company runs “clean and green”, from top to bottom. EcoCare has the right tools to clean your facilities with the latest green cleaning products and techniques, information for your employees on how to keep your offices “green clean” and energy efficient, and management techniques for ensuring your facilities posses the lowest possible carbon footprint on the environment.

All together, EcoCare is your green cleaning guru with the latest industry information and education for keeping your workplace environment clean, safe, and energy efficient – all while reducing the bottom line costs of maintaining your offices!

Did you know that Green Cleaning:

  • Is a cost effective way to “go green”
  • Can reduce the overall healthcare costs for your company
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Provide your company with a better public image
  • Decrease worker turnover
  • Increase employee morale and comfort
  • Reduce your overall building maintenance costs